Julie of the Wolves Topics for Discussion
by Jean George

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Topics for Discussion

(Beacham's Guide to Literature for Young Adults)

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1. Julie finds herself lost on the Alaskan tundra. What unusual characteristics of the tundra make it difficult to survive there?

2. Julie believes at first that she will die unless the wolf pack adopts her. To what extent does this turn out to be true? To what extent is it false?

3. Julie remembers many things that her father taught her. What are his most important lessons? Why?

4. Julie of the Wolves is about being lost in the wilderness. It is also about being lost because you don't know who you are. How is Julie "lost" before she runs away? How is she lost later? How are these two kinds of being lost related?

5. Jello is thrown out of the pack in the third section of the book. Why? Why does he attack Julie and why does Amaroq attack Jello?

6. When Julie learns that her father is alive, she is happy. Compare what she expects to find when she meets him with what she actually finds. Why does she run away again?

7. Julie adopts a bird that she names Tornait. Why does she do this, and how is Tornait important to the story? Why does Tornait's death convince Julie to return to Kangik?