Julie of the Wolves

by Jean George

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Ideas for Reports and Papers

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1. Scientists have established that many animals have a language. Prepare a report about the language of wolves, using this book as one of your sources. How does wolf language compare with the language of the domestic dog?

2. Although Julie likes to think of Amaroq as her "adopted father," she never loses sight of his "wolfness." Compare the wolf pack with a human family. In what ways are the two groups alike? In what ways are they different?

3. How does Julie change during the story? What does she learn? How does the journey form Nunivak to Kangik relate to this change?

4. Using Julie of the Wolves as a source, write a survival guide for life on the tundra without modern camping gear.

5. Compare the modern Eskimo's life in a settlement with the way Eskimos used to live in the wilderness. What aspects of the old Eskimo culture do you find reflected in the modern Eskimo's life as it appears in this book?

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