Julie of the Wolves

by Jean George

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Student Question

What did Julie in "Julie of the Wolves" smell and hear?

Expert Answers

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I hope that I give you the correct answer that you are looking for.  Julie (Miyax) smells and hears a lot of different things throughout the entire book.  I do not have much context to go on.  There is a single paragraph early in the book that mentions both of those senses within the same paragraph.  I am going to assume that is what you are looking for.  

At this point in the story Julie has been spending quite a bit of time trying to learn who each wolf is.  Julie is also trying to learn the wolf language, because she needs to ask them for help.  She is hungry and in desperate need of food, because she is lost on the North Slope of Alaska.  Julie has early success with the wolf pups, and she is elated that she is communicating with the wolves.  Her reverie is interrupted by the return of Amaroq and his hunters, but she doesn't only see them approach.  Her nose and ears also alert her to the new presence.  Julie first hears the swish of grass, and then she smells the wolves' fur.  

Sliding back to her camp, she heard the grass swish and looked up to see Amaroq and his hunters sweep around her frost heave and stop about five feet away. She could smell the sweet scent of their fur.

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