Julie of the Wolves

by Jean George

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Summary of "Julie of the Wolves" including main characters and basic plot


Julie of the Wolves follows the story of Miyax, a young Eskimo girl who runs away from an arranged marriage and survives in the Alaskan wilderness with the help of a wolf pack. Main characters include Miyax (Julie), her father Kapugen, and the wolf leader Amaroq. The novel explores themes of survival, identity, and the clash between traditional and modern cultures.

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Who are the main characters in Julie of the Wolves?

By far the main character in this story is the girl the book is named for.  She is called Julie (her white people name) or Miyax (her native name).

The only other real human character in my mind is Miyax's father, Kapugen.  Most of the time, he is not actually seen in the story except in Julie's mind.

In my opinion, the most important characters other than Miyax herself are the wolves.  I would say that there are three major wolf characters.  The first is Amaroq, who is the leader of Miyax's pack.  The second is the pup that she names Kapugen after her father.  Finally, there is the bad guy among the wolves.  His name is Jello.

To me, these are the important characters in this book.

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What is the basic plot of "Julie of the Wolves"?

In a nutshell, the story is about an Eskimo girl (Julie Edward) who runs away from an arranged marriage.  Her initial plan is to end up in San Francisco to live with a pen pal of hers, but she gets lots.  Really lost and winds up far away from any village or civilization of any kind.  The winter is approaching,  and she must find a way to survive using her knowledge of traditional Eskimo skills.  With that, her shear determinism, knowledge of how to "read" nature, and a little help from a pack of wolves, Julie survives.  She decides to head toward civilization again.  Along the way she discovers that her father is still alive, but he has abandoned the traditional life of Eskimos.  Disgusted, she runs away again.  Her bird friend Tornait dies.  Julie returns to live with her father.  

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