Julie of the Wolves

by Jean George

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Student Question

In Julie of the Wolves, what are two colors and associated events that Miyax remembers from her time with her father?

Expert Answers

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Miyax associates golden brown with memories of her father, as that was the color of his simple little house. She also thinks fondly back to the days of the Bladder Festival, an annual seal hunting harvest commemoration held in honor of the dead.

These festivals were always full of life and color, and Miyax participated in them fully by dancing. They are an important part of Miyax's cultural heritage, which makes it all the more hurtful that the other children at her school find Eskimo customs such a source of amusement and derision. Nevertheless, no amount of ridicule will ever be able to erase Miyax's wonderful memories of the Bladder Festival and their associated colors of blue, black, purple, and fire red.

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