Julia (Mood) Peterkin John Chamberlain - Essay

John Chamberlain

(Contemporary Literary Criticism)

In "Bright Skin" Mrs. Peterkin has made an attempt to repeat the episodic pattern of "Black April," though on a diminished scale, and the book will suffer, perhaps unjustly, from the inevitable comparison with the earlier work. Yet for all the similarity of pattern, there is a difference in intention between the two books. "Black April" depended less upon intimate characterization than upon a mass effect; its hero, the gigantic plantation foreman, April, being of heroic proportions, was also of the heroic generality; and the background of hog-killings, duck hunts, dancing and cotton picking, against which April's generalized figure was projected, usurped the book and made it the work of enduring beauty that it is....

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