Julia (Mood) Peterkin Irene Yates - Essay

Irene Yates

(Contemporary Literary Criticism)

[Conjure lore] is interesting, and in Mrs. Peterkin's novels it becomes important in the characterization of the Negro as well. Mrs. Peterkin's Negroes are unreasoning and inconsistent. They may go to church and shout with fine frenzy, and leave to procure a conjure that will cast a spell….

This conjure lore is important, too, in Mrs. Peterkin's plots. An episode in Bright Skin centers about the use of a conjure and its evil effects. In this instance the conjure is sought as a help in time of trouble in the love affairs of the married. Wes, Aun Missie's husband, had taken to staying away from home at night. Aun Missie, who obviously was a believer in conjure, betook herself to Big Pa, who...

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