Jude the Obscure At Shaston Questions and Answers

Thomas Hardy

At Shaston Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. What are some of the features that distinguish Shaston from the other towns where Jude has lived?

2. What book do Jude and Sue discuss when they first meet in Shaston?

3. What does Sue give Jude when he visits her?

4. What nineteenth century English philosopher does Sue quote when she is asking Phillotson to let her go with Jude?

5. Why does Phillotson allow Sue to leave?

6. How does Phillotson feel about Sue leaving?

7. How does Sue find out that Jude stayed at the same hotel with Arabella?

8. Why does Jude burn his books?

9. Why does Sue go back to visit Phillotson?

10. What is Phillotson’s hobby?

1. Shaston is remote and known for its seediness.

2. Jude and Sue discuss Cowper’s Apocryphal Gospels.

3. Sue gives Jude a photograph of herself.

4. Sue quotes J. S. Mill.

5. He allows Sue to leave as an act of generosity because he believes it is the right thing to do.

6. He does not want her to go, but does not wish to hold her against her will.

7. The maid tells Sue that Jude was previously there with Arabella.

8. He burns his books because he does not wish to be a hypocrite.

9. She goes back to visit Phillotson because she feels guilty and worried.

10. Phillotson collects Roman antiquities.