Jude the Obscure At Melchester Questions and Answers

Thomas Hardy

At Melchester Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. What type of ruins do Jude and Sue go see?

2. Whose pictures does Sue have at the training school?

3. What does the school think has happened to Sue after she escapes?

4. What happened to Sue’s friend from London?

5. What does Sue leave behind after her wedding?

6. With whom is Arabella talking when Jude sees her?

7. To which nineteenth century philosopher does Jude compare Sue?

8. What does Jude give Sue as a wedding present?

9. What happens to the money that the undergraduate leaves Sue?

10. Why does Sue dislike Christminster?

1. Jude and Sue go to see the Corinthian Ruins.

2. Sue has pictures of the undergraduate and of Phillotson.

3. The school thinks that Sue may have drowned.

4. Sue’s friend has died.

5. Sue leaves behind her handkerchief.

6. Arabella is talking with Mr. Cockman, an undergraduate.

7. Jude compares Sue to Voltaire.

8. Jude gives Sue yards of white tulle.

9. Sue loses the money in a bubble scheme.

10. Sue dislikes Christminster because she considers it an organ of the Anglican Church.