Jude the Obscure At Christminster Questions and Answers

Thomas Hardy

At Christminster Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Where does Sue Bridehead work?

2. Why does Sue want to leave Christminster?

3. What is the difference between a feminist and a New Woman?

4. Why is Jude hesitant to approach Sue?

5. How does Sue react to Phillotson’s advances?

6. What happens when Jude drinks with undergraduates in a bar?

7. How does Jude first learn of Sue’s existence?

8. To how many academic dignitaries does Jude write?

9. What kind of job does Jude get for Sue?

10. At the end of “At Christminster,” what does Jude think about doing?

1. Sue works in a shop that sells religious statues.

2. She plans to leave Christminster because her landlady smashed her statues of Venus and Apollo.

3. A feminist believed in rights for women. A New Woman rebelled by expressing her individuality even if it defied convention.

4. Jude is afraid that he is, in fact, still married and that any relationship is bound to turn out badly, in part because of the supposed hereditary curse on his family.

5. She neither encourages nor discourages him.

6. Jude recites in Latin, then curses the undergraduates for their ignorance.

7. Jude sees the picture of Sue that his great-aunt has.

8. Jude writes to five academic dignitaries.

9. Jude gets Sue a job as a schoolteacher working for Phillotson.

10. Jude considers entering the Church.