Jude the Obscure At Christminster Again Questions and Answers

Thomas Hardy

At Christminster Again Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Who is to be in the procession at Christminster?

2. What does Little Father Time say in the note he leaves behind?

3. Where do Sue and Phillotson get married?

4. What does Arabella tell Widow Edlin after the funeral that Jude did not want her to do?

5. Where do Arabella and Jude live when they are first remarried?

6. Where does Sue begin to go to church after the children’s murders-suicide?

7. What confession does Sue make to her husband after Jude’s visit?

8. What job does Sue have when she goes back to Phillotson?

9. What do Arabella and Widow Edlin hear in the distance as Jude is being buried?

10. Who are the only people standing by Jude’s coffin?

1. The academic dons of the university are to be in the procession at Christminster.

2. The note says, “Done because we are too menny.”

3. Sue and Phillotson are married in Marygreen.

4. Arabella tells Widow Edlin that Jude did not want to send for Sue.

5. Arabella and Jude live at her father’s house.

6. She begins to attend St. Silas’ Church.

7. Sue tells her husband that Jude visited and kisses were exchanged.

8. Sue begins teaching again.

9. They hear the conferring of honorary degrees.

10. Widow Edlin and Arabella are the only two people standing by Jude’s coffin.