Jude the Obscure At Aldbrickham and Elsewhere Questions and Answers

Thomas Hardy

At Aldbrickham and Elsewhere Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. What do Arabella and Vilbert discuss at the agricultural show?

2. What is Jude working on in the church at Aldbrickham?

3. How does Jude discover that he has a son?

4. How does Little Father Time come to live with Jude and Sue?

5. Why was Little Father Time not christened?

6. What does Sue do with her pigeons?

7. Where is Jude when Arabella first comes to visit him at Aldbrickham?

8. What story does Widow Edlin tell on the night before Jude’s and Sue’s wedding?

9. Why was Jude fired from his job at the church?

10. What do Jude and Sue sell at the auction?

1. Arabella and Vilbert discuss the relationship between Jude and Sue.

2. Jude is working on the ten commandments.

3. Arabella sends him a letter telling him he has a son.

4. Little Father Time lives with Jude and Sue when neither Arabella or her parents want the responsibility of caring for him.

5. He says he was not christened so his family would be spared the cost of a Christian burial.

6. Sue releases the pigeons after they are sold.

7. Jude is at a history lecture.

8. Widow Edlin tells the story of the failed marriages of some of Jude’s and Sue’s ancestors.

9. He was fired because a contractor heard vicious gossip about him.

10. Jude and Sue sell their furniture, including that which he inherited from Great Aunt Drusilla.