Jude the Obscure At Christminster Summary and Analysis

Thomas Hardy

At Christminster Summary and Analysis

New Characters:
Sue Bridehead: she marries Phillotson, she is Jude’s cousin

Mrs. Edlin: friend of Jude’s aunt

Vendor: sells statues of Apollo and Venus to Sue

Miss Fontover: Sue’s employer and landlady

Mrs. Hawes: Sue’s second landlady. Chaperones Phillotson and Sue during tutoring sessions

John Marygreen: villager who asks Jude about Christminster

Uncle Jim, Uncle Joe: stoneworkers with whom Jude passes time drinking

Undergraduates: students who encourage Jude to drunkenly recite Latin in a bar

Tinker Taylor: iron worker with whom Jude drinks

Mr. Highridge: a curate; comforts Jude and urges him to become...

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