Joyce Carol Oates Poetry: American Poets Analysis - Essay

Joyce Carol Oates Poetry: American Poets Analysis

(Poets and Poetry in America)

The poetic chronicle of Joyce Carol Oates is so rich that no single study can do it justice. The poetry, for example, has humor, waterimagery, and rhythmic effects, none of which could be discussed within the present thematic emphasis. Oates’s poetry, however, forms a body of work on its own merits and does not need to be interpreted only as an adjunct to her novels and short stories, as critics have said. It pictures the United States and Americans in the second half of a violent and fascinating century while at the center of world power. Confused, energetic, speeding and groping their way to understanding survival conditions, Americans see themselves mirrored in these poems. Their dramas, very often melodramas, seem outrageous...

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