The Joy Luck Club Without Wood Questions and Answers
by Amy Tan

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Without Wood Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Who is Old Mr. Chou?

2. What does An-mei suspect of Ted?

3. What do hulihudu and heimongmong mean?

4. How does Rose’s psychiatrist respond to her feelings?

5. Why is Rose hurt when Ted sends her a check for $10,000?

6. According to An-mei, how can a girl become as strong as a tree?

7. According to Rose, what is the flaw with American ideas?

8. What clue suggests to Rose that Ted had been planning to leave her?

9. Why is Ted in a hurry to get the divorce over with?

10. Who does Rose see in her dream at the end of the story?

1. The guardian to the gate of dreams, Old Mr. Chou is the equivalent of the Sandman.

2. An-mei thinks Ted is having an affair.

3. Hulihudu means “confused”; heimongmong means “dark fog.” They imply troubled feelings and not knowing where to turn for help.

4. He seems sleepy and bored; he does not offer any help or insight.

5. Ted wrote the check with a pen that was a gift from Rose. He said he would only use it for important papers.

6. An-mei says she must listen to her mother.

7. American ideas allow too many choices.

8. Ted had neglected the garden where he used to spend hours.

9. Ted wants to remarry.

10. Rose sees Old Mr. Chou and her mother.