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The Joy Luck Club

by Amy Tan

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The Twenty-Six Malignant Gates, Vignette Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. How old is the daughter?

2. What does the mother tell the daughter not to do?

3. Why does the mother tell her this?

4. What is The Twenty-Six Malignant Gates?

5. Why does the daughter want to see the book?

6. Why won’t the mother show her daughter the book?

7. When the mother refuses, what does the daughter demand?

8. How does the mother respond to the demand?

9. What does the daughter accuse her mother of?

10. Where is the daughter when she falls off her bicycle?

1. The daughter is seven.

2. She tells her not to ride her bicycle around the corner.

3. She wants to be close by if her daughter gets hurt.

4. The Twenty-Six Malignant Gates is a Chinese book that lists dangers children can get into.

5. She doesn’t believe her mother.

6. The mother says the book is written in Chinese and the daughter would not understand it.

7. The daughter wants to know what the 26 bad things are.

8. She says nothing.

9. The daughter says her mother doesn’t know what the 26 things are and that she doesn’t know anything at all.

10. She is not even at the corner.

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