The Joy Luck Club Scar Questions and Answers

Amy Tan

Scar Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Who is Popo and how did she affect both An-mei’s mother and An-mei herself?

2. How does An-mei describe the house in Ningpo?

3. In what ways does Popo demonstrate that she loves An-mei and her brother?

4. In addition to remarrying, what had An-mei’s mother done that indicated a lack of respect for her family?

5. What caused An-mei’s smooth-neck scar?

6. Popo recognizes the seriousness of An-mei’s injury and tries to give her the will to live. What does she say to An-mei that helps her recover?

7. Why do Popo and Auntie speak badly of An-mei’s mother?

8. Why does An-mei’s mother return to Uncle and Auntie’s house?

9. In what way does An-mei’s mother demonstrate “shou so deep it is in your bones”?

10. In the last several paragraphs, An-mei makes several references to “what is in your bones.” What does she mean?

1. Popo is An-mei’s maternal grandmother. She forced An-mei’s mother to leave the house and leave her children behind because she had remarried after her husband’s death. She made An-mei feel unlucky to have such a bad mother. She took good care of An-mei in other ways, though, and An-mei knew she loved her.

2. An-mei mentions “cold hallways and tall stairs.” She also says “our house was so unhappy.” A portrait of her father, “a large,...

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