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The Joy Luck Club

by Amy Tan

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Four Directions Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. Why does Waverly invite Lindo to lunch?

2. How does Lindo respond to the evidence that Rich and Waverly live together?

3. After their argument, when does Lindo start treating Waverly normally again?

4. Why does Waverly worry about Lindo’s criticism of Rich?

5. Who is Marvin Chen?

6. How does Waverly manipulate her mother into inviting Rich over for dinner?

7. What are three of Rich’s gaffes during his visit with the Jongs?

8. When does Waverly tell Lindo about her engagement?

9. What does Waverly realize during their conversation?

10. Where will Waverly and Rich travel for their honeymoon?

1. Waverly wants to announce her engagement to Rich Schields.

2. She ignores it.

3. Lindo returns to her old self when Waverly has chicken pox.

4. Waverly is afraid that Lindo will find a real flaw that will affect Waverly’s feelings for Rich.

5. Marvin is Waverly’s first husband and Shoshana’s father.

6. When she thanks Suyuan for dinner, she adds that Rich said it was the best Chinese food he had ever eaten. She knows Suyuan will repeat this to Lindo and that Lindo will want to prove that she is the better cook.

7. Rich brings French wine and drinks too much of it; he uses chopsticks and drops his food into his lap; he eats too much of some things and not enough of others; he criticizes Lindo’s cooking by pouring soy sauce all over the serving platter; he addresses Waverly’s parents with the wrong name and too informally.

8. She tells her the day after the dinner party.

9. Waverly realizes she has been hiding needlessly from her mother for years.

10. They will honeymoon in China.

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