The Joy Luck Club Without Wood Summary and Analysis

Amy Tan

Without Wood Summary and Analysis

New Character:
Old Mr. Chou: the Chinese equivalent of the Sandman

When Rose was little, she had bad dreams. In one of them, she fell through a hole in Old Mr. Chou’s floor into a garden. When he shouted at her, she began to run through fields of surrealistic flowers until she came upon sandboxes, each containing a new doll. An-mei told Old Mr. Chou that she knew which one Rose would select, so Rose deliberately chose a different one. An-mei shouted, “Stop her!” and Rose ran off, followed by Old Mr. Chou, who told her she should listen to her mother. When Rose told her the dream, An-mei laughed and said Rose should ignore Old Mr. Chou and just listen to her; Rose protests that...

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