The Joy Luck Club Waiting Between the Trees Summary and Analysis

Amy Tan

Waiting Between the Trees Summary and Analysis

New Character:
Ying-ying’s first husband: never named, Ying-ying called him “Uncle” when she first met him. He is murdered by a mistress

Ying-ying, the narrator, loves her daughter Lena, but they have never been close. She wants to tell her daughter everything about her life now in an effort to rescue Lena from herself.

The story flashes back to Ying-ying’s childhood. She says she was a wild, stubborn, and arrogant girl from a wealthy family. She met a coarse, drunken man the night her youngest aunt was married. The day after her aunt’s wedding, she saw a sign that convinced her she would marry him.

As they sat in a boat on Tai Lake not long after their...

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