The Joy Luck Club The Voice from the Wall Summary and Analysis

Amy Tan

The Voice from the Wall Summary and Analysis

New Characters:
Lena St. Clair: Ying-ying’s daughter, 10 years old at the time of this story

Clifford St. Clair: Ying-ying’s husband, Lena’s father

Teresa Sorci and Mrs. Sorci: neighbors in the St. Clairs’ apartment building. Teresa is about 12 years old. Her bedroom is next to Lena’s

The adult Lena narrates this story. As a child she wondered about “the death of a thousand cuts,” in which a condemned man is sliced away little by little until he dies. Her great-grandfather had once ordered someone to die in this manner, and the ghost of the executed man returned and killed him. “Either that,” she says, “or he died of influenza a week...

(The entire section is 1260 words.)