The Joy Luck Club Two Kinds Summary and Analysis

Amy Tan

Two Kinds Summary and Analysis

New Character:
Old Chong: Jing-mei’s deaf piano teacher

This story is narrated by the adult Jing-mei looking back on her childhood piano lessons.

When Jing-mei is nine, Suyuan wants her to be a prodigy like Lindo’s daughter and Shirley Temple. Jing-mei at first agrees, but after repeatedly failing to find her special talent, she quits trying.

A few months later Suyuan notices a young Chinese girl playing piano on The Ed Sullivan Show. Three days afterward she announces that she has made arrangements for Jing-mei to take piano lessons from Mr. Chong. Jing-mei quickly discovers he can’t tell when she is making mistakes because he is deaf. As long as...

(The entire section is 776 words.)