The Joy Luck Club Scar Summary and Analysis

Amy Tan

Scar Summary and Analysis

New Characters:
Popo: An-mei’s maternal grandmother. An-mei and her brother have lived with her the last five years

An-mei’s mother: she is never given a name. Her family has ostracized her because she disgraced them

An-mei’s brother: younger than An-mei

Uncle and Auntie: Popo and the two children live with them in Ningpo, China

An-mei, now an old woman, narrates this story. As a child, she and her brother live with Popo, Auntie, and Uncle. As Popo grows increasingly ill, she calls An-mei to her bedside and tells her stories with a moral to them. Both Popo and Auntie tell the children that their mother has no respect for the family. An-mei feels...

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