The Joy Luck Club Rice Husband Summary and Analysis

Amy Tan

Rice Husband Summary and Analysis

New Characters:
Harold Livotny: Lena’s husband, an architect

Arnold Reisman: a neighbor who was mean to Lena when they were children

Ying-ying is visiting Lena, 36, and her husband, Harold, in their new home in Woodside. Lena worries that Ying-ying will see how precarious their marriage is.

The story flashes back to when Lena was eight. To encourage her to finish her food, Ying-ying told her that her future husband would have a pock mark on his face for every piece of rice she did not eat. Lena immediately thought of Arnold, a neighbor who had small marks about the size of grains of rice on his face and was mean to her. She was frightened she would have to...

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