The Joy Luck Club The Red Candle Summary and Analysis

Amy Tan

The Red Candle Summary and Analysis

New Characters:
Lindo’s mother: never named

Huang Taitai: Lindo’s mother-in-law, mother of Tyan-yu

Tyan-yu: Lindo’s first husband

The village matchmaker: she arranges both the match and later, the wedding, between Lindo and Tyan-yu

The matchmaker’s servant: her mistake gives Lindo a chance to escape her marriage honorably

Another servant girl: she works for Huang Taitai and is kind to Lindo. When she becomes pregnant, Lindo helps her

Lindo Jong speaks to her daughter, Waverly, about the importance of keeping promises, comparing them to 24-carat gold. Then she talks about the promise her family made when they arranged...

(The entire section is 1184 words.)