The Joy Luck Club A Pair of Tickets Summary and Analysis

Amy Tan

A Pair of Tickets Summary and Analysis

New Characters:
Aiyi: Jing-mei’s great-aunt

Lili: Aiyi’s great-granddaughter

Wang Chwun Yu and Wang Chwun Hwa: Suyuan’s twin daughters, Jing-mei’s half sisters. Their names mean “Spring Rain” and “Spring Flower”

Mei Ching and Mei Han: the couple who find and raise the twins

Suyuan’s schoolmate: never named. She recognizes the twins and contacts Suyuan with their address

Jing-mei narrates this story. She and her father are on a train from Hong Kong to Shenzhen, China. Her father has tears in his eyes as he looks out the train window at the countryside. Even Jing-mei is moved by the sight, “as if [she] had seen this a...

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