The Joy Luck Club The Moon Lady Summary and Analysis

Amy Tan

The Moon Lady Summary and Analysis

New Characters:
Amah: Ying-ying’s nanny

Chang-o, the Moon Lady: in Chinese tradition, wife of the Master Archer

Hou Yi, the Master Archer: husband of Chang-o, associated with the sun

The Queen Mother of the Western Skies: also called Syi Wang Mu, associated with the yin principle

Mama and Baba: Ying-ying’s parents

Number Two and Number Three: Ying-ying’s younger half sisters

The family on the fishing boat: they rescue Ying-ying

Ying-ying, the narrator, speaks of her daughter, Lena, who does not hear or see Ying-ying because Ying-ying has kept her “true nature” hidden, “running along like a small shadow...

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