The Joy Luck Club Four Directions Summary and Analysis

Amy Tan

Four Directions Summary and Analysis

New Characters:
Mr. Rory: Waverly’s hairdresser

Marlene Ferber: Waverly’s friend

Marvin Chen: Waverly’s first husband

Shoshana: Waverly’s and Marvin’s daughter

Rich Schields: Waverly’s fiancé, a tax attorney

Lisa Lum: Vincent Jong’s girlfriend

Waverly, age 36, describes meeting her mother for lunch in an unsuccessful bid to tell her she’s marrying Rich Schields. Lindo has never met him, and she changes the subject whenever Waverly mentions him. Waverly takes Lindo to her cluttered apartment to show off a mink jacket, Rich’s Christmas gift. Lindo criticizes its poor quality and refuses to acknowledge the...

(The entire section is 1087 words.)