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Gerald Durrell

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In "Living Free" Mrs. Adamson tells us the whole story of Elsa's mating, the birth of the cubs, their development and of Elsa's unfortunate death, and the story is a fascinating one, not only for anyone interested in animals but for the more serious student of zoology as well. Her style is pleasantly terse and factual, without any of the anthropomorphic frills that usually attend books of this sort. You get the impression that she is a brave and extraordinary person….

Mrs. Adamson is a careful observer; throughout the book you find the most fascinating bits of lion lore. (p. 3)

This is a wonderful and enchanting book that everyone should make a point of reading, for not only does it tell you the most touching and moving story of a human being's association with an animal, but it gives a vivid and lovely picture of that most exciting of continents, Africa. (p. 53)

Gerald Durrell, "Out of the Jungle to Stepmother's House," in The New York Times Book Review (© 1961 by The New York Times Company; reprinted by permission), October 15, 1961, pp. 3, 53.

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