The Journey of the Mind to God

by Giovanni Di Fidanza

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Last Updated on September 5, 2023, by eNotes Editorial. Word Count: 210

We have these powers implanted within us by nature, deformed through sin, reformed through grace. They must be cleansed by justice, trained by knowledge, and perfected by wisdom.

This quote refers to natural talents and abilities a person has, but these talents must be nurtured and practiced. If one hopes to be the best one can be, they must be disciplined, and they must take care to learn from their experiences.

…that Being which is pure being and simple being and absolute being is the primary being, the eternal, the most simple, the most actual, the most perfect and supremely one.

This reverence for a higher power is present throughout The Journey of the Mind to God. Di Fidanza expresses the value of purity and simplicity, and he indicates that all people would benefit from mirroring the simple absolution of the Christian God. Di Fidanza continually stresses the importance of avoiding sin in order to prevent its distortion of a person's nature.

…There are new mysteries –absolute and changeless mysteries of theology–are shrouded in the super luminous darkness of a silence...

This quote harkens to the complexity of theology and the existential questions religion asks. Some may find wisdom in contemplating these questions, while others find stress and dread.

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