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The Journey of the Mind to God by Giovanni Di Fidanza is a book which reveals seven steps that a human being must go through to be one with God. The author notes that after completing these steps, a person will experience utmost happiness. The first step that Di Fidanza mentions is acknowledging God through His creation. Here, the author encourages the reader to appreciate God’s work of art, which is manifested through nature.

The second step is examining God’s presence in our senses. Human beings are able to judge others, enjoy different things in life, and have an opinion. According to the author, these abilities are proof of God’s existence and contemplating them from this point of view brings a person closer to Him.

The third stage involves us looking deep within ourselves and seeking God’s image. At this stage, one focuses on spirituality and escapes from the real world. The fourth stage focuses on reforming oneself by following God’s commandments and reading the scripture. This stage requires one to have faith that there is a God and love his creation. Di Fidanza notes that by following these steps, and others mentioned in the book, people can live fulfilled lives.