Joseph Stalin

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Principal Works

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Marxism and the National Question (nonfiction) 1913

Trotskyism or Leninism? (nonfiction) 1924

Leninism. 2 vols. (nonfiction) 1928-1933

The October Revolution: A Collection of Articles and Speeches (essays and speeches) 1934

Dialectical and Historical Materialism (nonfiction) 1938

Foundations of Leninism (lectures) 1939

The Great Patriotic War of the Soviet Union (nonfiction) 1945

Marxism and Linguistics (nonfiction) 1950

Selected Works of Joseph V. Stalin (nonfiction) 1971

The Essential Stalin: Major Theoretical Writings, 1905-1952 (nonfiction) 1972

Stalin's Letters to Molotov, 1925-1936 (letters) 1995

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