Joseph Krumgold

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Virginia Haviland

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Mr. Krumgold has created another penetrating picture of a boy growing up. The interrelationships of his new characters—the boy Andy and his adult friend Onion John and Andy's father—become as important as those in … And Now Miguel. The story [of Onion John] emerges from the point of view of the twelve-year-old boy and centers on him and Onion John, who is a squatter of sorts on two garden acres allowed him in a New Jersey town…. Written with extraordinary perception, humor, and vivid turn of speech, in the language of Andy who tells the story, the book has a lingering effect on the reader. It has depths that mean interest on more than one level and is particularly recommended for adults and children to share in family reading aloud. (pp. 482-83)

Virginia Haviland, in The Horn Book Magazine (copyright, 1959, by the Horn Book, Inc., Boston), December, 1959.

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