Joseph Krumgold Diane Gersoni Stavn - Essay

Diane Gersoni Stavn

(Contemporary Literary Criticism)

[Joseph Krumgold] uses … state-of-the-sexes observations to "explain" the sad state of modern society. His … And Now Miguel, a capably written book, concerns a farmdwelling family and particularly the next to the youngest son. Miguel's mother and sisters seem to exist only because the author assumed the men of the family would have to come into contact with women sometimes. They're alluded to primarily in terms of their familial roles: e.g., Miguel wonders "'… what there could be for supper.'"… Given the farm setting, such role delineation is realistic enough. Krumgold begins to slide with Onion John, a dull book that touts the glories of rugged individualism by focusing on the antics of a...

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