Joseph Hall Principal Works - Essay

Principal Works

(Literary Criticism (1400-1800))

Virgidemiarum conteyninge Sixe Bookes. First three Bookes, of Tooth-lesse Satyrs (satire) 1597

Vigidemiarum. The three last bookes. Of Byting Satyres (satire) 1598

Meditations and Vowes, Divine and Morall. Devided into two bookes (meditations) 1605

Mundus Alter et Idem (satire) 1605; translated as The Discovery of a New World 1609

The Arte of Divine Meditation (meditations) 1606

Heaven upon Earth: Or, Of True Peace and Tranquillitie of Minde (philosophy) 1606

Meditations and Vowes, Divine and Morall: A third century (meditations) 1606

Characters of Vertues and Vices (sketches) 1608

Epistles 3 vols. (letters) 1608-11

A Common Apologie of the Church of England: Against the unjust Challenges of the over just sect, commonly caled Brownists (nonfiction) 1610

Quo Vadis? A Iust Censure of Travell as it is commonly undertaken by the Gentlemen of our Nation (nonfiction) 1617

The Works of Joseph Hall (satire, poetry, meditations, nonfiction) 1625; enlarged edition, 1628

The Olde Religion (nonfiction) 1628

The Reconciler: An Epistle Pacificatorie of the seeming-differences of opinion concerning the truenesse and visibility of the Roman Church (nonfiction) 1629

Occasionall Meditations 2 vols. (meditations) 1630-31

Christian Moderation (nonfiction) 1640

Episcopacie by Divine Right (nonfiction) 1640

An Humble Remonstrance to the High Court of Parliament (nonfiction) 1640

A Defence of the Humble Remonstrance, Against the frivolous and false exceptions of Smectymnuus (nonfiction) 1641

A Short Answer to the Tedious Vindication of Smectymnuus (nonfiction) 1641

The Shaking of the Olive-Tree, The Remaining Works of that incomparable Prelate Joseph Hall, D. D. late Lord Bishop of Norwich. With Some Specialities of Divine Providence in his Life. Noted by His own Hand. Together with His Hard Measure: Written also by Himself (nonfiction, autobiography) 1660

The Works of the Right Reverend Joseph Hall 10 vols. (satire, philosophy, letters, sketches, meditations, nonfiction, autobiography) 1863

The Collected Poems of Joseph Hall, Bishop of Exeter and Norwich (poetry) 1949