Joseph Epstein

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Principal Works

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Divorced in America: Marriage in an Age of Possibility (nonfiction) 1974; also published as Divorce: The American Experience

Familiar Territory: Observations on American Life (essays and lectures) 1979

Ambition: The Secret Passion (nonfiction) 1980

The Middle of My Tether: Familiar Essays (essays) 1983

Plausible Prejudices: Essays on American Writing (essays) 1985

Once More Around the Block: Familiar Essays (essays) 1987

Partial Payments: Essays on Writers and Their Lives (essays) 1989

The Goldin Boys: Stories (short stories) 1991

A Line Out for a Walk: Familiar Essays (essays) 1991

Pertinent Players: Essays on the Literary Life (essays) 1993

With My Trousers Rolled (essays) 1995

Life Sentences: Literary Essays (essays) 1997

The Norton Book of Personal Essays [editor] (essays) 1997

Narcissus Leaves the Pool: Familiar Essays (essays) 1999

Snobbery: The American Version (essays) 2002

Envy (essays) 2003

Fabulous Small Jews: Stories (short stories) 2003

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