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Gray, Rockwell. “Joseph Epstein Thinks, Out Loud, About Writing.” Chicago Tribune Books (5 September 1993): 6-7.

Praises the humor and broad scope of the essays in Pertinent Players.

Gross, John. “The Sea of Experience.” Chicago Tribune Books (28 April 1991): 3.

Review contending that in A Line Out for a Walk Epstein demonstrates that high culture and everyday culture can coexist.

Hentoff, Margot. “In Defense of Misery.” New York Review of Books 21, no. 13 (August 1974): 36-7.

Presents a favorable assessment of Divorced in America.

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Regards Familiar Territory as “a one-man revival of the familiar essay at its most genial and urbane.”

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Provides a favorable review of The Goldin Boys calling the stories solid, traditional, “after-dinner yarns.”

Park, Clara Claiborne. “Wisest, and Justest, and Best.” Nation 232, no. 21 (30 May 1981): 669-70.

Provides a positive review of Masters: Portraits of Great Teachers, edited by Epstein.

Pritchard, William H. “View from the Feet.” New Republic 184, no. 10 (7 March 1981): 34-6.

Considers the scope of the essays collected in Masters: Portraits of Great Teachers.

Additional coverage of Epstein's life and career is contained in the following sources published by Thomson Gale: American Writers Supplement, Vol. 14; Contemporary Authors, Vols. 112, 119; Contemporary Authors New Revision Series, Vols. 50, 65, 117; Contemporary Literature Criticism, Vol. 39; and Literature Resource Center.

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