Places Discussed

(Critical Guide to Settings and Places in Literature)


*London. Jorrocks’s home and place of work are both in London. His grocer’s business is located on the real St. Botolph’s Street in the eastern part of the city, while his “elegant residence,” as Surtees describes it, is on Coram Street, north of Russell Square. Friends and acquaintances with whom he goes hunting are encountered on the Strand and at such meeting places as the Piazza coffee room in Covent Garden.

Jorrocks’s hunting excursions take him to the other side of London, south of the Thames, through what were in Surtees’ time villages on the outskirts of London. Many of these places, such as Elephant and Castle, Kennington Common, Brixton Hill, and Streatham Common, are now part of metropolitan London. There are references to places further afield, which are now London suburbs: Blackheath, Eltham, Bromley, Beckenham, and Lewisham. Surtees’ south London is peculiarly evocative in light of the fact that this is now a densely populated area, some of it the embodiment of urban decay.

*East Surrey

*East Surrey. Region immediately southwest of London in which Jorrocks hunts with what is described as the Surrey Hunt. This hunt works the eastern part of the county and neighboring western Kent. The terrain is undulating and at times hilly, much of it consisting of the North Downs. The Surrey Hunt is quite unlike the hunts that Surtees himself knew in the north of England, which were patronized and supported by the landed...

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