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1. Jonathan comments, "I am a seagull. I am limited by my nature. If I were meant to learn so much about flying, I'd have charts for brains . . . . My father was right. I must forget this foolishness. I must fly home to the Flock and be content as I am, as a poor limited seagull." Why has Jonathan given up? What makes him try again?

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2. Can you find any similarities between your aspirations and Jonathan's? If so, what are they?

3. What is the significance of Kirk Maynard Gull's learning to fly?

4. Is it justified that Jonathan is made an outcast for "reckless irresponsibility" and "violating the dignity and tradition of the Gull family"?

5. Why does Fletcher Gull not die when he hits the cliff?

6. What is the basis for Jonathan's decision to leave the flock a second time?

7. What sets Jonathan's skill apart from the other gulls in his flock? Is it purely physical? Why or why not?

8. Why is the book divided into three parts? Discuss Bach's intentions when doing this.

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