Who does this passage from Johnny Tremain describe?

"He wanted to prevent the tea from landing at the dock in Boston. He wanted to make sure the tax was not paid. He was calling a meeting of the observers to plan their strategy."

Expert Answers

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This quote from Johnny Tremain by Esther Forbes portrays Sam Adams.

Although there are several different political leaders revealed in the book, Sam Adams acts as a profound instigator who encourages the people to unite in the fight against the British tea tax on the North American colonies. Throughout the book, several different perspectives are shown (such as the Loyalists); however, the quote reveals a more revolutionary perspective. With Sam Adams' viewpoint, the North American colonists are encouraged to reject the British taxation without representation.

Today, the concept of the American Revolution is commonly accepted. However, this quote represents the previously novel concept by Sam Adams. Although he was not alone in his radical beliefs, Sam Adams stands out as one of the primary leaders of the American Revolution.

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