What deal do Johnny Tremain and Pumpkin make, and why do they agree to it?

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Johnny Tremain tells Pumpkin that he will get him a smock like farmers wear and a hat with dark hair sewed into it to obscure his face. Johnny says he will bring Pumpkin the clothes he needs and stash them underneath some hay in the barn. Cilla will inform Pumpkin where the clothes are hidden, and Johnny will also have a Lexington farmer take Pumpkin past the army's guard under the guise that Pumpkin is his hired man. Johnny does this in return for Pumpkin's musket. Johnny asks Pumpkin to hide the musket where Johnny hides the clothes. Pumpkin makes this agreement so he can try to escape from the army, and Johnny makes this agreement so he can give Rab a well-functioning musket to use while drilling in Lexington.

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