Can you provide examples where Johnny Tremain displays courage in supporting freedom?

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A good example of where Johnny Tremain shows courage in supporting the cause of freedom is when he agrees to become a spy for the Whigs. This is a very dangerous job which takes real bravery. Previously apathetic about politics, Johnny has shown himself to be a patriot by taking on such an onerous responsibility.

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When we're first introduced to Johnny Tremain, he comes across as a spoiled, selfish young man without much concern for anything beyond his own little world. Boston may be in revolutionary ferment in the months leading up to the outbreak of hostilities with the British, but these tumultuous events might as well be happening on the other side of the moon as far as Johnny's concerned. He's much more interested in the business of making a living.

But after finding a job delivering newspapers, Johnny becomes embroiled in the world of politics. To a young man of his age being part of such a world is incredibly exciting, even more so when he agrees to take on the role of a small-time Whig spy. This is a very dangerous job, one for which Johnny could get himself into serious trouble. But Johnny revels in his new role, not just because it's so exciting but because he's now developed into a true patriot, a staunch partisan of the American cause.

Johnny's patriotism and courage are also much in evidence when he participates in the Boston Tea Party. Again, Johnny could get himself into serious trouble by participating in what is a blatantly criminal act. But such is his courage and his patriotism that he gladly gets involved in this famous act of rebellion against the iniquities of British colonial rule.

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