What is a war-related setting in Johnny Tremain?

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An example of a book with a setting related to war is Johnny Tremain.  This book is setting during the time of the Revolutionary War in America.  Although the book is historical fiction, many of the characters and details are historically accurate.  For example, characters like Paul Revere and Sam Adams appear.  These are important historical figures.  There are also important events, such as the Boston Tea Party.  This event involved colonists disguised as Indians throwing British tea into the sea to protest taxation and governance policies.

An example of a real person used as a character is James Otis.  He was a lawyer and a revolutionary.  In chapter 8, he explains why the men have to act at a meeting of the Boston Observers.

There shall be no more tyranny. A handful of men cannot seize power over thousands.  (ch 8)

The Boston Observers is a perfect example of historical fiction being used to elaborate on real events in history.  Johnny working at this newspaper allows him to be involved in the events that were so important to the war, giving us perspective on an important time of our history.

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