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In Johnny Tremain, why does Johnny vow revenge on Dove?

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Johnny Tremain vows to get even with Dove because Dove, another silver smith apprentice, purposefully hands Johnny a cracked crucible hoping something bad will happen.  When Johnny takes the crucible from him it breaks and melted silver burns his hand.  When Johnny's bandages are removed it is revealed that his thumb and index finger have grown together. With this life long injury Johnny loses his job as a silver smith.

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Why does Johnny vow to get even with Dove?

Johnny has been terribly hurt by Dove. His hand no longer works properly and the injury has taken his livelihood from him. It also took his ability to create beauty and as a result, his pride.  He is still young and immature, and he is angry.  He was already hurt and bitter about his injury.  When he finds out that Dove, whom he disliked and looked down upon, was the one who had engineered his accident, he was not able to forgive him but swore revenge instead.  Perhaps the thought of revenge gave him some comfort and something to work towards.

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