John Richardson Principal Works - Essay

Principal Works

(Nineteenth-Century Literary Criticism)

Tecumseh; or, The Warrior of the West: A Poem of Four Cantos with Notes [published anonymously] (poetry) 1828

Ecarté; or, The Salons of Paris (novel) 1829; revised edition, 1851

Frascati's; or, Scenes in Paris (novel) 1830

Kensington Gardens in 1830: A Satirical Trifle (novel) 1830

Wacousta; or, The Prophecy: A Tale of the Canadas (novel) 1832; revised edition, 1851

Journal of the Movements of the British Legion (nonfiction) 1836; enlarged edition published as Movements of the British Legion with Strictures on the Course of Conduct Pursued by Lieutenant-General Evans 1837

Personal Memoirs of Major Richardson; As Connected with the Singular Oppression ofthat Officer While in Spain (memoir) 1838

The Canadian Brothers; or, The Prophecy Fulfilled. A Tale of the Late American War (novel) 1840; revised edition published as Matilda Montgomerie; or, The Prophecy Fulfilled 1851

War of 1812; First Series; Containing a Full and Detailed Narrative of the Operations of the Right Division of the Canadian Army (history) 1842; enlarged edition published as Richardson's War of 1812 [edited by Alexander Clark Casselman] 1902

Correspondence (Submitted to Parliament) between Major Richardson, Late Superintendent of Police on the Welland Canal and the Honorable Dominick Daly, Provincial Secretary (letters) 1846

Eight Years in Canada (autobiography) 1847

The Guards in Canada; or, The Point of Honor (autobiography) 1848

"A Trip to Walpole Island and Port Sarnia" [published anonymously] (travel) 1849; published as Tecumseh and Richardson; The Story of a Trip to Walpole Island and Port Sarnia [edited by A. H. U. Colquhoun] 1924

The Monk Knight of St. John: A Tale of the Crusades (novel) 1850

Hardscrabble; or, The Fall of Chicago. A Tale of Indian Warfare (novel) 1851 Wau-Nan-Gee; or, The Massacre at Chicago (novel) 1852

Westbrook, The Outlaw; or, The Avenging Wolf. An American Border Tale (novel) 1853

Major John Richardson's Short Stories (short stories) [edited by David Beasley] 1985