John Pepper Clark The Raft - Essay

The Raft

(Drama Criticism)

R. N. Egudu (essay date 1976)

SOURCE: "J. P. Clark's The Raft: The Tragedy of Economic Impotence," in World Literature Written in English, Vol. 15, No. 2, November, 1976, pp. 297-304.

[In the essay below, Egudu characterizes The Raft as "an outright indictment on economic cannibalism and a sincere plea for the observance of the Marxist principle of an equitable distribution of the basic means of human existence and survival. "]

The Raft is a tragedy of a group of four economically weak lumbermen who have undertaken a journey by a raft on a river. Their journey is not without cause. The purpose of the journey is to...

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