John (Marsden) Ehle (Jr.)

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Florence Haxton Bullock

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A little more than a year after the crusade achieved its major goals, John Ehle tells, in "Shepherd of the Streets," the dramatic story of the Episcopal rector who became the fighting voice of the Puerto Ricans in New York's shockingly overcrowded West Side, and won for them, through his bold assaults on the city's Health, Sanitation, Buildings and Police Departments, something approaching protection under the law….

Mr. Ehle based his fascinating story on close-ups of Father Gusweller at work and on the few statistics and sociological studies of the area which are available. It is an exciting, richly detailed portrait rather than a factual case history, with some of the pictures of the children and youth sentimentally shaded. Just possibly it results from Mr. Ehle's instinct to compensate for the woeful want of humane sentiment shown these newcomers to our city before Father Gusweller undertook to battle for their rights.

Florence Haxton Bullock, "Man of God in W. 84th St.," in New York Herald Tribune Book Review (© I.H.T. Corporation; reprinted by permission), July 10, 1960, p. 10.

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