Tom Wolfe

(Contemporary Literary Criticism)

September…. The Merry Pranksters are getting ready to head bombed out into the mightiest crazed throng in San Francisco history, come to see the Beatles at the Cow Palace. (p. 178)

Inside the Cow Palace it is very roaring hell. Somehow [Ken Kesey, the leader of the Merry Pranksters] and Babbs lead the Day-Glo crazies up to their seats. The pranksters are sitting in a great clump, a wacky perch up high in precipitous pitch high up pitching down to the stage and millions of the screaming teeny freaks. The teeny freaks, tens of thousands of little girls, have gone raving mad already, even though the Beatles have not come on. Other groups, preliminaries, keep trooping on…. (p. 181)


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