John Knox Further Reading - Essay

Further Reading

(Literary Criticism (1400-1800))


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Classic scholarly examination of Knox.

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Examines Knox's career and works in historical context.

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Sound historical study, but unsympathetic to Knox's religious views.

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Very highly praised volume.

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Study of Knox's life; includes substantial bibliography.


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Considers the problem of political obligation and obedience in regards to the Scottish Protestants in the years of 1548 through 1570.

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Examines the development of the exiled Knox's philosophy of rebellion, the political situations of England and Scotland, respectively, and proposals outlined in Knox's Book on Discipline.

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Study of Knox's intellectual life, including Knox's influences, his concepts, and his development of resistance theory.

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Considers different aspects of Knox's work, quoting from his private letters, his theological treatises, his public letters, and his historical work.

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Collection of essays that focuses on various aspects of Knox's formative years as well as his more controversial periods.