John Keble Principal Works - Essay

Principal Works

(Nineteenth-Century Literary Criticism)

On Translation from Dead Languages: A Prize Essay (essay) 1812

The Christian Year: Thoughts in Verse for the Sundays and Holydays throughout the Year. 2 vols. (poetry) 1827

National Apostasy Considered in a Sermon (speech) 1833

*Tracts for the Times by Members of the University of Oxford. 6 vols. (essays) 1833-1841

Ode for the Encaenia at Oxford [published anonymously] (poetry) 1834

Lyra Apostolica [by Keble and others; published anonymously] (poetry) 1836

Primitive Tradition Recognized in Holy Scripture: A Sermon (speech) 1836

The Psalter, or Psalms of David in English Verse; by a Member of the University of Oxford [published anonymously] (poetry) 1839

The Case of Catholic Subscription to the Thirty-nine Articles Considered (essay) 1841

De Poeticae vi Medica: Praelectiones Academicae [Lectures on Poetry 1832-1841] (poetry) 1844

Lyra Innocentium: Thoughts in Verse on Christian Children, Their Ways, and Their Privileges [published anonymously] (poetry) 1846

Sermons, Academical and Occasional (speeches) 1847

On Eucharistical Adoration (speech) 1857

The Life of the Right Reverend Father in God, Thomas Wilson. 8 vols. (biography) 1863

Sermons, Occasional and Parochial (speeches) 1868

Village Sermons on the Baptismal Service (speeches) 1868

Miscellaneous Poems (poetry) 1869

Letters of Spiritual Counsel and Guidance (letters) 1870

Sermons for the Christian Year. 11 vols. (speeches) 1875-1880

Occasional Papers and Reviews (essays and criticism) 1877

Studia Sacra (essays) 1877

*Keble contributed eight of the ninety pieces to this publication.